Looking for a used Tug

If anyone has any leads on a 75x26ft conventional tug for sale please let me know. Can be in any condition as long as it floats.

with three words ye will find what ye seeketh…

“Boats and Harbors”

Or marcon international online.

Nothing in the yellow rag last time I checked but I’ll keep looking.

Nothing found in the Marcon search.

[QUOTE=tugboatchief;75433]Nothing found in the Marcon search.[/QUOTE]

OK, a few questions if I may about your new acquisition? Age? On the Lakes or East Coast? Single or twin screw? HP required? Assuming wood, cardboard or paper would be out for construction? Price?


Check out his company, mostly canadian but some US boats.

Not looking to get into anything over 35 yrs old unless she can really blow her whistle. Twin screw and 2000-2100 HP. And not looking for anything over 75FT OAL or under 68ft. Must be a conventional style tug. And if you could find that in plastic that would be…Priceless!!

All I see is a single screw. But I’ll keep digging. Thanks for the tip.

plastic? A tug?

On page 58 of the 1st may edition of boats and harbors there is a 1600 hp steel model bow tug for sale. Great lakes boat 75x26x9’6. 96 gross tons.

Contact info is


It might still be for sale.

Thanks man. I’m on it.

here’s a list of websites you might check




I’ll post some others here when I find them.

Thanks Skip. I appreciate it.

That 70 footer listed on the tmt site has potential. Thanks for the heads up.

I think you’d find it worthwhile to call Bob Beagle at Marcon. Bob might turn something up for you that is not formally listed.

I’ve got a few feelers out thru brokers I’ve used in the past. I’ll give Bob a call first thing tomorrow.