Tug and barge Seatime

I have a question for the Mariners out there I have a friend that works on a tug that works with 3 barges they take 1 barge from Puerto Rico to west palm beach drop it off there and pick up a loaded one bring it to Puerto Rico drop it off in Puerto Rico pick up an empty one in Puerto Rico back to west palm beach so the question is if the company will not put the barges on his letter of seatime how is he supposed to get credit for it to increase his tonnage on his 3rd mate unlimited with a tonnage limitation of 2000 he wants to get unlimited 3rd and get 3rd mate 2000 off

So a brief back ground on the Mariner I’m speaking of has a 3rd mate less than 2000 GRT oceans

I believe they have to put the combined tonnage on his letter but that doesn’t really mean he is going to get the restriction removed…

So I know that people have done this but you actually aren’t supposed to be able to get a full unlimited tonnage license with barge time. Combined tug and barge time only counts for half the required unlimited tonnage time required by the CFRs.

How is Aggregate tonnage calculated or evaluated and a tug pushing 2 200x35x9 with a tonnage of 687GT/NT687 PER BARGE WOULD THE NMC COUNT ONLY 1 BARGE OR BOTH BARGES

I cannot speak for the latest rules. JDCavo would be much more reliable. I know for my Federal Pilot License in a few ports it was for unlimited USA tonnage. My license was 1600 tons master before I took the tests and completed them. Did the company reward me for that? Yes they did. Pilot wages, hell fucking no, but helped my bottom line, No complaints here.

Seagle, what the hell does your post have to do with the question that was asked? You literally replied just to say you had no idea about the rules?

There is just no need for you to chime in on every thread. Try to contain yourself until you think you might have something useful to say.


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One capt I sailed with made state pilot in Florida. We were on a notch tug and barge and I remember him canvasing the logbooks for all of the push time for the combined tonnage of tug and barge.

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He did his homework. Good for him. He still had to take the state test, no easy task.

I would imagine they count all barges in the tow if you have records of what days you were underway with what barges.