Tug and barge accident in Duluth Canal, Lake Superior VIDEO

Canal embankment didn’t suffer any damages, because PRESQUE ISLE didn’t contact structure, but did contact underwater basement of the embankment.

From a different angle.

What kind of current was he/she dealing with? Wind does not appear to be a factor here.

At that draft it would have to be a pretty stout wind.

Not even a ripple on the water.

Combination current and not enough steerageway?

It looked to me like she just turned the corner too wide.

He probably realized that he could not bring the bow back without swinging the stern onto the bank. I think he was backing full.

The pivot point is 1/4 to 1/3 of loa from the bow . You cannot just go down the center of a narrow channel with turns, you’ve got to have the bow hugging the corners so that the swept path of the stern ends up in the center.

That’s what I was thinking. Assuming there’s enough water in the back there seems like it would be more prudent to get lined up a little earlier.

Looking at the video from the begining again does show he entered at an angle.

I wonder if his bow thruster failed I don’t recall seeing any bowthruster wash