Trying to start a career

Hello mariners,

I’m a new student in a 4-year (non-academy) looking to transfer in the future to a maritime academy and become a mariner with the Transportation major in mind. I am really interested in Maine’s Maritime Academy, and secondarily in SUNY. Right now I am going to KSU with the “International Business” major as my track. I’ll probably look to transfer in two years to one of those schools once I’ve finished some general Chem, Physics, and Math courses. Right now I am really just doing my best to study up on sea life and what other preparations I could possibly be making here in college. For instance, I am required to take a few foreign language courses (two languages) to satisfy those major requirements, and I’m not sure which languages would be specifically useful at sea, if any, but maybe you have ideas. Options include Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and French.

Other than that, any other preparatory classes I should try to take while at this school?