Trump administration launches plan to boost offshore oil development in Arctic and elsewhere

as if anyone has the money for new Arctic offshore games

Making the merchant marine great again… So we are gonna open things up and pay american wages. No no no. To risky these companies couldn’t afford that

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next (potential) chapter. Still much ado about nothing apparently.

the majors will not sign up to drill as long as oil prices remain so low and fracking offering such lower priced production. This will be especially true with the Arctic. After Shell’s losing over $8B and getting nothing for it, nobody wants to be the next one to get laughed at by the industry.

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mmm, I’m sure California may not be that amused

The administration could offer drilling rights on the Sun - someone might even buy it - but that doesn’t mean anyone will start drilling any time soon.


some support of these arguments in the ADN piece:

Coming to a location near you

If there is going to be more Arctic drilling, it will first be on land, or in shallow water on manmade gravel islands with reasonable access to the Transalaska pipeline.

manmade gravel island drillig is happening as we speak: Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement | Promoting Safety, Protecting the Environment and Conserving Offshore Resources

here is Bloomberg’s take on the news

pretty much backs up my take on this news which is that it is a big yawner

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there it goes:

Just a matter of time before this whole thing falls apart, given other governors are gonna stand in line with the same request.