Trips to Canada and a DWI?

Recently heard there is a possibility I maybe making a trip to Canada. From previous experiences with other crew members anyone with a conviction for DWI is told they can not return until they have submitted proper paperwork. I myself have not made a trip so I have never been told anything about this personally. Should I make the trip and hope I am not denied entering the country? I would remain on board and curious as to if this is going to cause a problem.

Any help would be great!

take a look at this thread

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If you are going by commercial vessel your agent will submit a crew list that has your ssn, and mmd info. If your not eligible you would be notified I think.

Not true. You will be allowed to go there ONCE. It is a 200 dollar fine. You are admonished if you EVER return without having a ‘Canadian letter of rehabilitation’ you will be expelled and permanently barred from going to canada… ever even as a tourist! Do a search on this forum. You will find a thread or two detailing the necessary crap you have to do to file for rehab with Canada. It Costs around 1000 bucks or so and takes about 6 to 9 months to complete.

This is a pissing match between the DHS and Transport Canada. Since we have given them such a hassle over the TWIC they are reciprocating and busting our balls over this issue.

And there us NO warning. Of course immigration has your info. They have a sneaky way of bagging you. Of course if you stayed on the vessel it wouldn’t be an issue. But they call the crew down to the dock to ‘do the paperwork’. Then you have stepped on Canadian soil. Bang. You’re guilty of entering with a prior conviction! They are going back as far as our court records go. Thy don’t just look back 5 or 10 years. They go back to your 18th birthday! You can’t argue or claim amnesia. They have copies of your court records! Ain’t Big Brother great?

Cappy on the west coast it is true, it does not matter if you stay on the vessel or not with B.C. Anyways people that I work with have had to wait 5 years to get back in because of DUI’s and what not. For some reason it’s a big deal it all started over here well before twic. Not trying to start a pissing match but it’s been a real bitch getting some people in. Lawyers can help but overall its a pain in the ass. If you are transiting the waters its no big deal but a stop over is another story just my 2 pennies.

Also… You could contact the
Embassy to see what they have to say worth a shot anyways.

Working here on the Great Lakes, I am familiar with this issue. I have seen guys taken off the ship and returned to the border for recent dwi’s. The hypoocritical canadians consider a dwi a felony. They are not going back forever, but if your conviction is within 20 years, it could be a problem. I had one in 1982 and have been asked if I’ve ever been arrested and why. I always answer thruthfully that I had a dwi in 1982. I’ve never been denied entry or had any further hassles.
The best leagal remedy to this problem is to get in touch with the local Canadian legation and tell them the problem. They will send you paperwork for a “Temporary Resident Permit or Visa”. these things cost between $800 and $3500. The price varies, I hear, with the crime and the recency. There are companies out there that will do the paperwork for you for a fee. Do and internet search for Canadian Temporary Permits.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thanks for all the information everyone. I spend several hours on the phone talking to various canadian organizations none of which would give ne a straight answer. Knowing there is a chance I could be only told not to return without further approval I am going to take the chance and see what happens. I figure worst case I take the chance and have to fly home. None the less I will post my experience one way or another.

Best of luck, & smooth sailin!