Working outside the US

Am a ittle concerned. I recently spoke with a company that offered me a competitive job but it would take me to canada for work. A while ago in the past I was not able to go to canada do to a veryold legal charge. Would I not be able to gop for work? Someone told me they do not check who is on tugs because you do not get off?i

This has been addressed in the past and you may have a bit of a problem.

They do check because the vessel’s company agents have to send a crew list. Canada then runs the names on the list and if they deem you not applicable to enter the country they will notify the office and you would not be allowed to go on the voyage. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get off the boat or not.

Depending on the offense and how long ago it was, it could be a non issue. Thee are offenses where they will let you in as long as you have a temprary residency permit. google that and you’ll get more info than you could ever want.

Search both on this forum and on Google for: transport du Canada, rehabilitation, and background check.