Travel Allowances

<strong>Do most companies give travel allowances to employees?<br><br>How much on average are they?<br><br>Are they available for all employees or just licensed (captain, master, etc.) personnel?</strong>

In my experience [ships, MODUs etc.] travel is paid 100%, usually arrangements are made by the company you work for which lets you know a day or so ahead of time where you need to be [airport usually] and when. I understand that the supply boat companies don’t routinely provide travel but instead offer an allowance of some sort. <br>Travel that the company pays or that you have to pay out of pocket should always be considered in calculating your total pay, along with health insurance premiums, pension, 401k co-pay, bonuses etc.<br>Many times I have seen people brag about their day rate but closer examination shows that they are being compensated at a lower rate than someone who has paid travel, lower insurance costs, pension and other benefits.