Transport and Installation of the Appomattox Platform in the GoM

The Appomattox Platform was built in S.Korea, transported around Africa to Ingeside,Texas on a Chinese HLV and finally installed off Louisiana by Heerema, a Dutch/Swiss company in a very international operation:


Isn’t that old news?

Not news at all, but an interesting video about a major operation.
Or at least interesting for those who like such operations. Those who don’t can just not watch.

Ah cool! I was on one of the seismic crews that did survey work for Appomattox. Nothing that dramatic, but having a small connection to all that supership-megastructure stuff makes me a little bit proud. I remember when they announced the size of the discovery, I was bragging a little, folks wanted to know: so are you rich now? As if part of the discovery belonged to me… Where do I sign up for that universe?

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I fixed it for you.

Maybe you missed that tiny little crane vessel?
Or did you think the SSCV Balder was there only for fun?

The Balder had installed the infield subsea infrastructure, pipes and umbilicals and the pre-laid mooring spread.

Heerema Marine were also main contractor for the positioning and hookup of the FPU on location:

Crowley were sub-contractor and supplied the tugs for the towout from Ingleside, with Heerema Towmasters on board and in charge of the operation :