Training Quality Improvement?

I was searching the Forums and found an interesting old thread entitled “upgrade course is a joke” from 2010. Lots of arrows shot at the training providers, the USCG, IMO and MSC. In the five years since this discussion, I was wondering if anything has really changed to improve the picture.

[li]Are the “clown” schools still out there or has time weeded them out?[/li][li]Is there an incentive to provide higher quality training when the people attending the training are for the most part just keep going because they have to and just want to get out ASAP with their ticket punched?[/li][li]Has the USCG/NMC improved their “audit” process to identify the bad actors? I am sure they know who the offenders are but how often do we hear of them doing anything about it?[/li][li]Has the USCG/NMC done anything to improve their own performance and increase consistency of evaluating all that is under their oversight (for example: Courses, mariner credentials and their application evaluation)?[/li][li]Training providers are being required to implement a quality standard system (by IMO, then USCG in 46 CFR Part 10) by 2017. Surely some schools have done this. Has it improved the quality of training? Any pros and cons experienced?[/li][li]Doesn’t the USCG have their own external auditor? Has it improved anything they do?[/li][/ul]

Has time been kind to us? Or has it just added another layer of BS, cost, application of more resources without an improvement in the quality of the training being provided? I believe it is safe to say the mariner is still stuck in the middle paying in time and money for all this required training with their main objective being getting the course completion(s) out of the way and getting back to sea to make some money to support themselves and their families.