Training for Cargo Mate on MSC ships with Ammunition

I haven’t found any information about what training is required for a Cargo Mate (Chief Mate) on an MSC ship carrying ammunition.

Is it just the Ammo Supply Administration Navy class (CIN#: A-041-0040) or are there additional training courses and requirements?

Seams like you should at least be required to attend the AMMO-74 Explosives Safety Officer Orientation Course/CERT (CIN#: A-4E-3009) as you are acting as the Explosive Safety Officer while the ammunition is aboard your ship. However, MSC taking shortcuts in training wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Not required by MSC, but strongly suggested, is MSC’s own Ammo Management class. Good idea to also have taken the Magazine Sprinkler class, so you know how not to accidentally activate them while testing quarterly. Don’t expect to be sent to an ammo ship as cargo mate, at all. They’re too short of 1/O’s, so you would be C/M. 2/O’s and JSO’s are doing all the cargo on them now. Talking CIVMARS, CONMARS may have better manning.


100% agree with Samat, they would send you as a C/M, you can still get involved and learn but not your primary job.


When I worked for the Navy as a GS employee we did all our Ammo handling classes through the Defense Ammunition Center.

Defense Ammo Center

I would ask for any training I can get my hands on. They should have no issue with anything online.

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The T AKE ammo ships are also considered tank vessels. So Tanker PIC would be needed. Running the flight deck during vertical replenishment would need HSO or LSE. The Cargo Mate would be overseeing Bosun Mates on the UNREP rigs so there may be a class for that too. Cargo Mates run the reaction force onboard so they are in charge of that force and the weapon handling and stowage. Small arms instructor would be beneficial, not required. Other contributors can probably add to this list. Do not become a MSC cargo mate if you want to maintain a life on shore.


I mean, don’t work at MSC if you want to maintain a life on shore.

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imo thats not the issue.

  1. if a civmar is goal driven, then not having a life is acceptable provided they save money and have a window to leave the company…
  2. you are sharing a ship with lowlives who have no life and spend way too much concerned with what other people are doing with their life

Thanks KhunJack,

I already have a Tankerman-PIC. I’ll add HCO, STREAM, and SAMI class to the list of desirable course’s for Cargo Mate.

I worked as an A/B for a few years with MSC. I have a fairly good understanding of what the quality of life is on MSC vessels.

You’ll do STREAM as part of new employee training along with basic Ordnance Handling Awareness. HCO is a must, if you can get in the class, along with Gas Free Engineer. That’s even harder to get into. Both HCO and GFE are required no mater what kind of ship you’ll get assigned to.