Msc contracts union question

From Dispatch.

“ At this time, there is a need for qualified officers in all positions including Master and Chief Officer on board our MSC vessels. The minimum needs are a security clearance and the MSC Core 4 classes - Helo Firefighting, CBRD, Damage Control, and Environmental Awareness.”

Any info on contracts/salaries/ships for these, as I’m assuming these specifics are why there is a shortage?

Every MSC ship in AMO requires those classes so contracts are probably all 120’s and salaries/ships range from TAGS to Prepo

They’d have better luck if they’d provide the classes for applicants.

My understanding is that the Helo Firefighting class is the most difficult to get.
IMHO they are solely to blame for their own lack of qualified people with how they treat their people and the difficulty in getting the training.

Getting helo firefighting is just as easy as getting any of the other core classes. Not sure where you’ve been getting yours but it’s as easy as selecting a class and signing up.