Towing Companies in the Panama City to Pensacola areas?

I tried to get into doing just that with my company, no dice so far… I am not easily dissuaded though so I will continue to press.

The other thing I have been concerned about is the stability of the market. There has been a slow increase but I still have many friends sitting at the house and I would like to not end up in that boat (pun intended). The pay cuts, the talk of going back to 28/14 and more cuts (unsubstantiated rumors), and the rest is discouraging at best. I do know that the grass is rarely greener on the other side or at least not as green as it appears from across the fence.

I appreciate the advice and will be taking it.

Try talking to ship assist tug companies; you should have no problem getting on their call out / standby list as deckhand. In the smaller ports most ship docking tugs are crewed up with people on call. Each ship docking or undocking is usually a 4 hour evolution. So oftentimes you will only get half day unless there are two or three ships that day. Dispatchers always have a challenge getting extra deckhands and captains. Docking ships is one of the most challenging and rewarding (fun) jobs in the tugboat sector plus it is a pathway to many Pilot Association$.

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Thanks for the advice!