Tourism job

just a heads up. linblad expeditions is hiring for the position of bosun. i applied with that company a number of months ago when i was between gigs. they just now called me and tried to woo me away from my current position. the young lady i spoke with was tonya, and this is what i gleaned from our conversation.

the position is full time, 2 months on 1 month off. they pay travel to and from, benefits after 30 days of employment (medical, dental, 401k but we didn’t get into specifics) day wage is in the lower hundreds, and is supplemented with a share of the tips, which she says average between 40 to 50 dollars but can be more or less. they also pay a portion of your day wage when you are off the ship for a month. vessels are just under 100 tons.

the rest you can find on their web site. my background is in tourism, and these wages and benefits are competitive for the industry, but for sure under paid for what most mariners in other sectors make. they do travel to some neat places. this may be a good job for someone just starting out, or looking to upgrade within the 100 - 200 ton scope. Hope this info helps someone in their job search. all the best.