Lindblad/NatGeo new builds

Looks like they’re hiring C/E, Asst Engr, 3/M and deck hands for the NatGeo Quest and Venture, has anyone worked with them? They look like they will be nice. Built by Nichols Bros.

I find it interesting that as C/E on a 100pax vessel you only need a DDE 4000. From what I can tell the FOC NatGeo Explorer has a full complement of officers deck and engine.

Worked on the Quest during shipyard up to the first group off passengers coming on. Company was nice and the people were great, had a family type feel to it. Good benefits and treated me well. Ships had some build/growing pains though. Feel free to DM me.

Heard they only pay 200-250 a day for A/E, granted it is an unlicensed position though.

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If you don’t mind working for peanuts. The scenery and the food are considered payment in their minds. Good starter job. Or long term if you are a minimalist.

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I worked in their US Fleet for a few years. Very laid back, quirky crew, fun–mostly young people. 3rds will have very little watchstanding time for a number of reasons–mostly because they drive zodiacs full of passengers around all day. You will definitely see some amazing sights, eat delicious food, and meet some great people. For the right recent academy grad it’s an awesome job for a few hitches as long as you don’t mind the 180/day and–last I heard–uneven rotations (2/1 months). Still, probably the most fun you’ll have in a “shipping job.”

The new ships suffer from some shortsighted design issues and missed opportunities for a new “expedition” build.

The US Fleet works SE Alaska in the summer and, depending on the boat, Baja or Panama/Belize/Costa Rica in the winter. The International fleet is a whole 'nother thing. They don’t hire US officers.

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Anyone know what they pay chiefs with Chief limited?