TOAR course give seatime?

I have 835 days seatime applying for my AB UNLIMITED as I’m a AB LIMITED right now CG says they only counted 707 days as I’m missing 19 days according to them… the other days were on a towing vessel which is the only thing I could see why they wouldn’t give me the unlimited

My question is I heard TOAR courses give seatime…?? do TOAR courses grant seatime? And if so is it near coastal time? I work in Sabine pass but we cross the demarcation line when we go to shipyard through the gulf into fourchon. Any insight AB UNLIMITED gives me a nice pay raise while waiting for my mate spot

AB Unlimited requires 3 years (1080 days) of sea time on Great Lakes or Oceans. If you only have 707 (or 835) days of sea time now, you have a way to go yet. NMC most likely didn’t count some of your time because it was not on oceans or Great Lakes. On those routes, time on towing vessels count. Not sure what you mean by “missing 19 days” as 835 - 707 ≠ 19.

TOAR courses do not give sea time. They sign off tasks in a TOAR.

1080 8 hour days is Ab unlimited

(707 12 hour) days equals 1061 8 hour days

1061-1080 = 19

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So just ask NMC to standby while you go get another 19 days of seatime. That will resolve your problem.

First off, I am working in the dark as I do not have all your supporting application documents or the NMC AI letter. But here are a couple of thoughts which might apply.

Based on the 835 sea days you provided and NMC’s reply of 707 days, I suspect you are working a 12-hour day. So, your problem is going to resolve itself with an additional 13 (12-hours) days.

However, I am unclear as to where you lost 128 days. Check your sea letters and see how the cumulative 835 days sea time was documented. HR may have calculated your total sea time as 707 days as O/NC with 128 days as Inland.

Next check your various vessel’s COI’s to see how the vessels routes were documented e.g., oceans or coastal and how they were manned e.g., OICNW. Then see if the following applies to your situation. 46 CFR 10.232 b(3).

b. Service toward an oceans, near-coastal, or STCW endorsement will be credited as follows:

(3) Service on vessels to which STCW applies, whether inland or coastwise, will be credited on a day-for day basis.


I replied to CG with my latest seatime letters and emailed the evaluator stating that we cross the demarcation line into NC and we travel to port fourchon from Sabine and if they would kindly consider granting me the AB Unlimited. A few days later they sent me an email approved to print so hallelujah

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