TiSA is going to screw us

So i haven’t posted on here in forever but i think everyone needs to know this. The TiSA (read: https://wikileaks.org/tisa/) wikileaks posted the leaked papers and i was reading through them. There is a section in the pdf i think page 3 where it says that maritime jobs of all different kinds will be deregulated. So this basically will kill the Jones act and the ships, ATB’s, OSV will all be able to be replaced by foreign companies with foreign crew.

This is what I’m gathering from this any foresight would be great. I don’t know if anyone has been following the TPP crap but this is inline with that as well.

I recommend getting on wikileaks, they are exposing all kinds of issues around the world that the public has the right to know/vote on.

Bunch of ridiculous bullshit like everything else they do.

Not sure if that’s what its all about though, there are several references to cabotage rights not being fucked with if you do some googling though. (Not only us like cabotage in the US)


Discussion documents on the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) published by Wikileaks reveal a continuing threat to seafarers’ wages and conditions should the agreement be adopted, the (International Transport Workers’ Federation) said today. The documents can be seen here: https://wikileaks.org/tisa.
This latest release confirms the hazards identified by the ITF when it warned that a previous airing of TISA documents predicted a power grab by transport industry players at the expense of the public interest, jobs and a voice for workers (see 404 page | ITF Global).
Despite some slight changes to the proposed TISA Maritime Annex originally revealed in last month’s leak, its replacement still contains a least one highly potentially damaging clause.
The annex recognises the standards adopted by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organization – the two giants of international regulation on work at sea and the safety and rule of law at sea. Crucially, though, it fails to recognise that their standards set minimum protections. Typically, as in the example of the enormously important Maritime Labour Convention 2006, the standards co-exist with actual or desired higher ones set by individual nations.
Despite this, in Article 12 the annex states that in cases where parties ‘apply measures that deviate from the above mentioned international standards, their standards shall be based on non-discriminatory, objective and transparent criteria’.
ITF president Paddy Crumlin stated:
“This questions seafarers’ conditions everywhere. The ILO minimum wage standard for seafarers is intended as a safety net – not an absolute. Who decides these criteria, and how will this be enforced? What will happen to safety provisions, pay or qualifications which are better than the minimum? The ILO Maritime Labour Convention explicitly sets minimum standards, with member states being encouraged to go above and beyond its provisions. Almost unbelievably this fact appears to have escaped those drawing up the TISA plans.”
ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton added:
“The best employers are taking best practice and continuous improvement into their company cultures, and moving away from the so-called compliance culture; this text is a potentially dangerous move in the opposite direction.”

[QUOTE=z-drive;165074]Bunch of ridiculous bullshit like everything else they do.

Not sure if that’s what its all about though, there are several references to cabotage rights not being fucked with if you do some googling though. (Not only us like cabotage in the US)

I have spent some months studying this SECRET agreement and it is many faceted which was all supposed to be passed under the umbrella of TPP which is a global give away of individual country rights to multinational corporations. Trade will be determined be a court set up by the multinational courts comprised of multinational company representatives and it basically is a free for all rape of labor and trade laws. Corporations will be running the courts and deciding what is best for them not for you We know full well no multinational is in favor of the JONES act, so kiss it good-bye.
The whole ball of wax was voted down so now they are passing it piece by piece. When Obama and his repubican friends are all for it you just got to know there is no good in it for any of us BUT the multinationals control the media so this thing will get passed with out anyone knowing anything about it until the projected loss of millions of jobs started happening. They KNOW this will cause a loss of jobs and they want to steal money from medicare to pay for job training to replace the jobs lost. This is NAFTA on steroids but there is no debate about it because it is all secret and you have no access to it unless you are a multinational corporation or a employee of one [like senators and congressmen.] Even Senators can be prosecuted if they let us read this bill they are voting on. This is corruption at the highest level I have seen in a long long time. You better write your traitorous congressman.

[QUOTE=lm1883;165098]I posted awhile back to contact your congressman about TPP fast track vote. It still is a good idea as both votes were very close in house and senate because of people calling their representatives. But, fast track authority has been granted for the next SIX YEARS for these negotiations and the next step is agreement must be posted for 60 days before an up or down vote. Typically these treaty don’t get passed in even years so there is real pressure to get it done by November. TPP TTIP TISA are all blanketed under fast track authority, so if you feel that you are best represented by voting against them, call your representative. That’s what he’s there for.[/QUOTE]

When you send a message to your congress person tell them to vote NO until the agreement is made available to every USA citizen to read. Then we can decide if we want it.
As for me? I sent letters to my congressmen and told them I would freeze in hell before I vote for them again [one Repub and one Dem] simply because they voted for TPP. If TPP, TTIP and TISA are so great why is it a big secret? Why can lobbyists and congress crooks read it but not WE the people?