Timing and the NMC

Because I am the type who likes to plan ahead, (The 7 P’s are my mantra), I am studying the calendar to figure out how best to accomplish wat I am trying to do in the next 6 to 9 months, a lot of which involves applications processing and paperwork with the NMC.

I am hoping for feedback and input from those in the know after I describe my plan.

Currently hold 500 GRT Master, expires early May 2012.
On a very busy work schedule that has me tied up until mid November.

I would like to get tankerman assistant on my MMC and try to find work starting in December as deckhand or AB on a vessel that will give me time and transfers/loads/discharges in order to obtain Tankerman PIC.

The first PIC class I can take is November 28 to December 2 at the end of this year.

Here is my plan:

Just took the piss test today, as I am not in a company sponsored testing program.
Having the USCG physical done August 1.

My plan is to submit the application for Tankerman Assistant on September 1. This will allow the NMC plenty of time to review my physical, and if anything needs to be addressed in that area it can be in plenty of time.

Once the medical clearance has occured, I assume all that is needed is the course certificate from the class, which I will have in hand that Friday afternoon December 2 at the conclusion of the class, and can fax to the NMC. Theoretically this should then allow them to print the sticker for Tankerman Assistant and mail it off to me to put in my little red book.

Once I have that I can apply to companies as AB Tankerman Assistant, correct?

Then, in late December after the dust has settled I can submit my application for renewal. I assume that should go pretty smoothly as they will already have vetted my USCG physical.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Will it get past a REC without the certification

Man plans, God laughs

Good luck

That’s my concern. Ideally the application would run it’s due course, with the last thing needed being the class completion certificate. Fax that in, get the sticker for the book, go to work.
I am probably being too optimistic.