This is Singapore




Singapore will have hold Presidential Election in a few weeks time, with three candidates nominated.
One of the requirements for becoming a candidate is:

Not a bad idea, all things considered.



Religious freedom is a constitutional right in Singapore, but being a multi-religious society there is also strict laws against talking bad about, spreading ill will, or criticizing any religion. Trying to use religion in politics is also against the law.

Foreign preachers of any religion can be banned from Singapore if they are known to preach negatively about other religions. Recently two Christian preachers has been banned for this reason:


Singapore has a new President. The first female to hold the post and the first Malay for 47 years:

True to form, she will be staying put in her HDB flat, where she has lived for 30 years. This is very much like all previous Presidents, although they have an official residence at the Istana.
The same applies to the Prim Ministers, although there is an official PM residence in the Istana grounds it has been used as a VIP Guest House since independence in 1965.


In Singapore it is just as much a crime to offer a bribe as to accept one.
Obviously not everybody realize that:


Marina Bay Sands Hotels and Casino has a hidden world for staff:…-staff-9330544


The new Downtown Line 3 has opened for service:

And promptly got delays due to problems:

Lo and behold, someone was stranded at a station for 10 min. That is more than a busy Singaporean can tolerate, even in the weekend.


Planning to move to somewhere else in the world, or obtaining a second passport for easy visa free travel??
Here is the ranking of the most “powerful” passports in the world:

As usual, Singapore is near top the list. (#1 last year)


Correction: Singapore is #1 :


Changi Airport Terminal 4 has started operation:

Is this the most technically advanced terminal in the world??




Yes, quite so.


Plus, they keep all the ladyboys up on the second observation deck.

The AB told me


No, I believe they are now in Changi Village. (Bugis Street has been closed a long time ago you know)


Electric car shearing will be introduced in Singapore 12. Dec. 2017:


LB’s gone from Changi for couple of years


High speed train between Singapore and KL will be running every 15 min. hopefully from 2026:


In densely populated Singapore it is amazing that so much wildlife survives.
Here may be one of the reasons:

Volunteers and the effort of the Government to keep the water clean and some space for animals to survive and thrive is important.


Aawww…too bad mascots aren’t allowed on ships anymore.


It had to happen. People gets too complacent and think these Otters are there for their entertainment, not realizing that they are wild animals that will protect themselves:

At least this Frenchman didn’t start to blame anybody, or demand the Otters be removed. Sensible guy.