This belongs in the "This is why we can't have nice things" department

As if more reasons were needed to stay away from cruise ships.

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Especially Australians

Go to a movie in Australia. You know how American theaters show pre-movie public service announcements about not using your cell phone or not talking? Australia showed a bit about not punching people in the back of the head because you could kill them. That said, I didn’t see a single fight while I was there.

Here’s one.

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deck ape, there must be some history behind that ‘preview’ but i’ve read many WW2 stories of GI’s over there and such action would seem very much out of line… If I had to guess this started coming about when Austrailila got ““on the map”” in the …80’s?
Otherwise, I’ve worked a cruise ship or two and I figure most ‘old salts’ would just avoid these confrontations but by damnit, get me and a few old hands pissed and that BS would be over soon enough and the “pro Mariner” Dr. would be busy and the Passengers would be Praising ‘ships crew’ !!

Carnival security let the bad behavior degenerate into a brawl and responded by kicking people already down on the deck while some of the crew tried to swat the phones out of the hands of those recording the melee. Carnival must be training their security force at some KGB/Keystone Kops college. Imagine how much havoc these clowns could create at a child’s birthday party.


I don’t know were Carnival hire or train their security personnel, but I know that some of the other Cruise Operators use Gurkhas for that task.

Trained by the best of British Military officers they know how to carry out their job. Besides, anybody who know the reputation of the Gurkhas would know not to F**k with them.

KGB??? Nah, I don’t thinks so, unless Trump has some shares in Carnival?? I hear he got good contacts in that direction.

The Gurkhas were the garrison troops in HongKong when Mao and his little red book were trying to ferment unrest and revolt in the sixties. It didn’t take long for them to quiet things down.
Joanna Lumley’s father was a major in a Gurkha regiment and she has done a great deal of work in getting them better deals on their pensions.

I read that the problems were ongoing over several days and that this family of thugs picked fights with random pax. There are two sides to the story of course, but they sound like trailer trash or what Aussies would refer to as “bogans”

For good reason you won’t find me vacationing or working on one of these zoo barges. I’d be too tempted to use a pipe wrench as an attitude adjustment tool

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And miss all the fun in the disco bar on karaoke night?!?

I’m more lured in by the Eastern Euro casino gals.