Third/second mate assessment booklet

Does anybody know how to download the assessment booklet for Third/Second Mate? I have tried the CG Homepage and have gotten nowhere. I was told that there is a site that has a .pdf style booklet tha can be filled out online and then printed for the signature of the assessor. Can anyone help?

There’s no fillable pdf book that I know of. You can make a booklet by downloading the enclosure to NMC Pol;icy Letter 1-02, and using the “booklet” option of your printer to print them. Most printers have this option.

Thanks Mr. Cavo, can you give me the whole link like the one for chief mate/master which is or do I just go to the NMC page and type in NMC Policy Letter 1-02 to get the third/second onboard control sheets?

I just tried NMC Policy Letter 1-02 and only got the policy letter itself, not the 73 page assessment sheets.

You need these:
Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2

go to and click on the policy 01-02, I think you will find the assessments in parts 2 & 3. You also need to print out the assessment OICNW-2-3C that is an enclosure on NMC policy letter 16-02. If you submit your assessments without this one you will get it kicked back. A lot of folks aren’t aware of this & it has caused alot of grief & frustration.

[quote=Capt_Anonymous;11730]You need these:
Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2[/quote]

Thanks guys, you were great help. With your help I got what I needed.