'There’s no room for error': The humble tugboat's crucial role in easing a

Crowley tugs looks like. Some good photos.


That’s some large “locomotives, tractors and farm equipment”.

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One of my first jobs as a an AB was on the tug “Sea Eagle”. Had a single screw Opposing Piston 1800 hp Fairbanks from a locomotive. Direct reversible. Captain had to be sharp with his timing, as did the chief who was an ex-submarine guy. Loved my job and the tough fucks I worked with. No tow winch, 1800 foot nylon hawswer. Towed one of the last Liberty/Victory ships “Betelgeuse” to the boneyard in Brownsvillle. Mosquitos big as turkeys.

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Sorry no tractors in the range.
Here’s the most powerful, 960 HP gross, produced in 1978 tho:

Yeah, I caught that, too. Farm Equipment, indeed. . .

There were a lot of tug engineers in the 80s that were ex sub guys. A lot of those subs had the OPs (and the rest had Cleveland Diesels, similar to EMDs). Like anything else, some of those guys were great, and some not so great. I sailed with a few of both kinds.

Bay Delta and Crowley…

Typical American 6000hp tractor


Looks damn sexy to me!