“The Vietnam Gun Line.”

For the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, 1972 would prove to be a busy year of conducting numerous and dangerous combat operations. After my ship, USS Rich (DD 820) arrived on the Vietnam gun line, our shipboard life had changed completely.
USS Rich (DD 820). A Gearing (Fram I) class destroyer.
Aft%20Berthing_820 Unidentified crew member keeping 5-inch rounds at ready in operations (aft) berthing outside of mount 52 (after gun mount) upper handling room. Photo by shipmate Ron Ciervo.
1280px-USS_Hanson_(DD-832)_firing_on_shore_targets_in_Vietnam%2C_in_1972 Mount 51, 5-inch/38 caliber twin guns letting loose on targets in Vietnam from a Gearing class destroyer.
“A story about a twenty year old tin can sailor and combat operations carried out by Navy destroyers during the Vietnam War.” Take a look inside - preview “Striking Eight Bells.”

read it and another on same subject, same time frame. glad i never joined the navy!! The army was good to me for 24 yrs. though.

Very interesting, I would like to hear more interesting facts and photos.
The Vietnam War is a very memorable event for our history. But what was the price of the war in Vietnam, how many casualties were there … a threat to the American military complex … ok. Just read about the hard experience and the price we paid for this war https://studydriver.com/vietnam-war-essay/, this is really sad. We just could have avoided this. But still, this does not cancel the heroism of our soldiers.

Viet Nam was a terrible mistake but thankfully the war ended when people became aware of the facts.The fact that there was a draft then helped the end. Almost 10% of the population served at that time. Now less than 1%. serve. When all you have to do is thank people for their service and not serve yourself wars and military adventurism can go on forever as in Afghanistan and over 100 countries of the world where the USA has troops spending trillions of dollars with little or no accountability…