Great Book About The Vietnam Cease Fire Campaigns of 1972 and 1973

My new book, Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir, has been getting 5 Star reviews on Amazon and other booksellers.

Growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s, it was common for young men like myself to strike out into the world at a young age and leave the security of our families behind, but we often ended up serving in one of the military services due to the Vietnam draft system.

In “Striking Eight Bells,” I recount my journey from being a 16-year-old Iowa farm kid to at the age of 19, reporting onboard my first ship, USS Rich DD-820, which deployed to Vietnam in October 1972, and with this deployment began my seagoing career.

Many of my shipmate’s performed superhuman feats and actions in conducting our ship’s combat operations off the coasts of South and North Vietnam. Our ship engaged the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) right up until 13 minutes of the official “cease fire” ending the combat action in Vietnam. The war Navy destroyer’s prosecuted in Vietnam and the almost daily gun-to-gun battles these ships engaged in with NVA gunners is definitely a story that’s not been widely told, but should be.

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