The USNS Mercy is headed to Seattle

California Governor Newsom has been insisting that it must be deployed to LA immediately. He’s gonna throw a hissy fit.

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Anybody know what company operates these ships

Military Sealift Command

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I thought it was contracted out


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MSC. A friend is/was 2nd
engineer on one of them.

All MSC? I thought I heard MM&P, probably mistaken.

MM&P has a Government membership group that is not part of the main Offshore membership group.


It says MSC in the quoted article.

Anybody have the skinny on Comfort? I am hearing about problems.

I had heard MMR, MEBA and SIU, that’s why I thought it as contracted out

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I don’t know about specific problems. Only that the ship is still in Norfolk and will be heading to NYC as soon as it’s ready. Both it and the MERCY are intended to provide routine medical treatment so hospitals can concentrate on virus cases.

An old CG friend of mine was on the Comfort 2 days ago doing a CG inspection so it could get underway to head to NYC.

It’s been reported that the Comfort is undergoing maintenance after having been on deployment for six months. I haven’t seen an estimate on when it will be underway.

And now it sounds as though the west coast ship is going to the City of Angels not the Emerald City

I know Mercy is MMP Gov’t among other unions but her I just saw her on the news. The rails were manned by sailors in their cracker jacks. So unless union members are wearin cracker jacks then there is U.S. Navy on-board workin alongside civilian mariners.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is there U.S. Navy personnel on-board that work alongside civilian mariners?

Public relations? A gallant ship and her Navy dressed crew for the cameras on arrival?

Arent the hospital staff all Navy?

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Active Duty/Reservists run the Medical Treatment Facility, CIVMARs run deck/engine/supply depts. Similar to the how the hybrid crews on sub tenders work.


So do you think that’s who I saw in their cracker jacks, the Navy medical personnel?

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