The ultimate merchant seaman in popular culture...the Old Spice Man!

here’s one from the way, way, way back machine…


damned! why can’t it be 1971 again when American merchant marine jobs are begging to be filled and women loved men who smelled like men and wore peacoats!

man am I getting old…I remember this commercial and have had that tune in my head for 40 years now

That was a great year…I turned 18 between Puerto Cabezas and Colon. Had my birthday party in the El Morro!

[B]Yeah I remember that year,… the bathtub was my ocean.


I was still a twinkle in my daddy’s eye :wink:

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That was a good year. 5 years old and the first kiss. Didn’t even have to wear any Old Spice, I was just that good looking. The guy in glasses is a little creepy.