The Singapore way

Sounds more realistic.

Yam Seng!!!:

Rubbish doesnt go into land fill in Singapore, just ashes from the incinerator so not as bad as it sounds

I believe they collect the breads BEFORE they go to the incinerator in Tuas :grinning:
Since you are in Singapore maybe you could give us an unbiased report. Does it really tast like beer, or just water with breadcrumbs??

PS> Since they apparently brew different types of beer from different types of bread it may become an enjoyable night at the Marina with your buddies to taste them all.

havnt seen it yet, will let you know when I find it

It is Ramadan and the Geyland Serai Ramadan Market is back at full force:

PS> More food is consumed during Ramadan than any other time of the year.