The Singapore way

This is the way Singapore handle things:

You don’t like the way we do things you are welcome to voice your opinion in a fair, free and televised debate.

Up until you express an opinion not on the approved list of acceptable opinions. Then, you’ll also see:

Mr. Branson should definitely participate in this free and open exchange of ideas … Remotely.


LKY could give a very good answer to Branson but sadly there is nobody now that could.

Branson is probably fully capable of deciding for himself weather to take on the challenge, in person or remotely.
He has been to Singapore several times and has had a good time there:

Looks like there are not going to be a debate between Richard Branson and the Singaporean Foreign Minister:

Eh, billionaires are disconnected enough that I’m not sure that this is a metric of anything. Let the guy who picks peanuts out of elephant crap at the zoo say the same things as Richard Branson and see how the mandarins receive him.

Are you insinuating that Billionaires in general and Richard Branson especially are out of touch with reality? If so you better be prepared to be sued for libel. (Remember, Billionaires can afford expensive Lawyers)

Nah… As long as that’s just in his headline, it’s cool… You can say anything you want in a headline.

More on the Singapore way:

The PM’s speech at the biannual PAP convention:

Sounds like they are believeing there own rhetoric
If we lose the election singapore will sink under the sea…
The old farts that keep voting them in are dying and finding out there is very little public health right when they need it.
The young are not fooled as easily hence the increasing dissent with the current government.

The Singapore way…
You the voters dont need to know the details of what we do, we decided its not good for you.

Looks like Singapore is not doing too bad on the Health Ranking Index:

Singapore has a mixed Public Health System. Here is how it works:

The chapter on health funding explains it all.
The gov supplies the hospital building the tax payer funds the rest by loaning the money to the gov for 1-2% interest and then you can use your own money to pay the hospital bills.

Was different in the old days perhaps thats what your thinking about?

To propose in Singapore is slightly different from anywhere else: