The sailor living alone on an abandoned cargo ship


So where is the World Court or the United Nations in a case like this? This is a crime against humanity committed by Egypt and should be prosecuted as such.

Mohammed should be given title to the ship and allowed to sell it. Let him sell it on eBay if nothing else. It is all but inconceivable that “civilized” nations would permit this kind of action to happen much less persist without serious international repercussions, sanctions, and criminal charges against those who signed off on this atrocity.


Maybe someone should start a crowdfund like GoFundMe for Mohammed Aisha and his family to help them out, it doesn’t seem humane to leave someone stranded alone on a ship like that for years.

Tell that to the guys sailing MSC…

So how many MSC guys have to swim ashore and beg for food and water? How many of them have not been paid for years?

It was a joke dude. Take a pill.