The real reason for backlogs

The ongoing saga of my license application continues. The missing piece of my application (Flashing Light) was “over-nighted” to the NMC on April 30. However, due to the NMC’s ideal strategic location, the US Postal Service cannot overnight to Martinsburg, WV from Florida. So my certificate arrived and was signed for on May 4th. It was not “logged” into the system until May 6th. However, it was not delivered to the evaluator until this Monday, May 11th. Wow! 6 working days to move a piece of paper a couple floors. I’m at a loss for words.

I overnighted 2 different packages by fed-ex to NMC and they got there overnight, evaluator got them that day.

Mr 100-ton

I should have used Fed-Ex. Still, I can’t explain the lag time for moving the document internally. I’m glad it worked out for you. That’s how it should work. The recipient should get his mail the same day. Guess I’m just having a run of bad luck. It’s the inconsistency that’s driving me bananas.