The Other Hurricane Season

Each year there are, on average, about 6 hurricanes in the North Atlantic, 8 in the Eastern North Pacific and 17 Typhoons in the western North Pacific. Few people (outside of Mariners) realize that there is another season of hurricane winds that occurs over both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Ocean and runs from September to May. These storms do not track through the tropics, but instead are associated with the extratropical cyclones of the mid-latitudes… Read more: image

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Have experinced hurricanes in November in GOM.

Hurricanes (Tropical) certainly occur in the Gulf of Mexico in November ( Kate in 1985 comes to mind).

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I tell people all the time when they ask me about hurricanes that I would rather talk about North Atlantic Winter Storms because those are much more of a challenge to me and almost unavoidable because they tend to take up a large section of the ocean.

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I haven’t experienced North Atlantic storms, my son has . Ain’t pretty on on even a large containership or Navy Tagos ship. He is now in weather forecasting for our beloved vessels worldwide in his Naval reserve committment. . You can bet your ass he wants to get this right for our pals at sea…
Then goes back to his regular job Loading/unloading container ships. He really likes the Navy gig.Why he needs camos to go to the mailbox is something else.Am I proud Fucking a right… KP grad that did it right.Sailed and served.There are many like him.