The New Guy (questions about getting started)

Hello … through a google search I have found this forum and wow what a great resource and informative tool. I look forward to using this forum in the near future. I am just getting started in the maritime industry. Yes I have my MMD, OUPV and STCW ( currently taking my Master 100gt class). I am looking to get a deckhand position aboard a tug with the aspirations of moving into the bridge as quick as possible. I know I have to start at the bottom, prove myself, bust my a** and a few knuckles along the way. I have worked for the past 7 years as a yacht and boat detailer. I am use to hardwork and long days. I am smart, educated and most importanly motivated. Which leads me to my questions…

How in the heck do you break into this undustry??? Uggh the companys tell you to go to the union… the union says they have nothing and don’t bother coming down to sign up. Do I go non-union to start? I am located in Tampa, Fl and can get to any where along the Gulf relatively quickly. I am 40, my goal is to have this be my last career until I retire. I am looking for either some leads or pointers or any advice you could bestow upon a newbie looking to get started.

Thank you for any adivce you may have. Int he mean time I will use the search fuction of this forum to look this subject up.


Try Seabulk Towing ourt of Port Everglades. They have boats in Tampa, IIRC.

There is a Tugboat company that does some ship assist and a mix of all the above, I don’t know a lot about them i was living in St Pete two years ago and tried to get on with them but they were never hiring.

Seabulk or Tampa Towing.

St. Phillips is gone? I remember when they were the only show in town. Taurus towing was a start up tugboat company that tried to undercut St. Phillips. This was many years ago, however. I guess around the mid to late eighties.