The Maritime Industry Needs More Women

Just posted a new video on this topic. What are everyone’s thoughts?


And who the f*ck are you?


“I can’t get laid at maritime college cause there aren’t enough girls here. I won’t be able to get laid on my ship because there aren’t enough women in the maritime industry”

“We need more women in the industry to help men’s mental health”

I don’t even know where to begin with this clown…


Leave it to the ginger to think the lack of women is the reason he isnt getting laid.

But seriously this is what rape culture looks like. Do better.


IMMO needs to make this guy a meme I think. :joy: Probably would have trouble on the Comfort or Mercy even with that belief set.

Agreed though, that is what rape culture looks like.


I dont want to give him much more attention, but once i get to proper cell service, all bets are off haha


I can’t believe you guys are taking something posted on April 1st seriously.

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Apparently you’ve never met a typical SUNY grad… :joy::joy:

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My video wasn’t about getting laid, it was about building meaning connections.

And Interesting take. I would think rape culture exists because of the fact that women don’t have many other women in the industry to turn to. If we can get more women in the industry they will have a larger influence and presence to stand up to abusers in the industry. Midshipman X is an example of this. Ships that stand by and cover up rapes are perpetuating rape culture. How many women do you think midshipman X had to turn to on her ship for advice?

I don’t have any belief set haha. I’m pointing out the facts about the academy and industry. I’ll link the original article about Sarah Lawrence college.

Did you guys even watch the video?

You’re name suits you Sea Scoundrel but you’re misquoting me. The video is about how it’s harder to build meaningful connections due to the maritime industry. It wasn’t about getting laid. Anyone can Joe Schmo can get laid.

Actually, I did and considered that time wasted. The NY Post’s journalism standards is not too far from National Esquire and other such tabloid found in the supermarket checkout isles.

There was a time when Maritime schools were male only just as there were women’s colleges. That did not prevent those students from forming meaningful relationships outside the walls of those institutions. I have noted most kids in college still have a bit of growing up to do before entering the “Real World”.

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Bad take bro… separate work from life. You don’t go to sea to meet girls. At least not on ur ship


I’m glad you mentioned the comfort and mercy is actually a great point also. Those ships are so talked about because of the fact that the gender ratio is better than most ships.

NY post definitely has some questionable content :joy: but it doesn’t take away from the experiences of the women at Sarah Lawrence.

And no doubt you CAN form meaningful connections but it is harder when compared to most colleges.

:100: percent understand that take. It is nice to get on a ship and focus on work. Sabbatical almost.

Also consider that a decent percentage of people who get married meet at work. And for people that work half the year the time to meet someone landside gets cut in half.

Maritime schools aren’t like most colleges.

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Not at all but we don’t have to just accept that. We can make life better for the next generation. Very aspirational obviously

If you ever have a daughter, you can gauge her interest in going to a maritime school. I asked my daughter, and the answer was not only No, it was F*ck No! Me being away a lot had a lot to do with her attitude. She was definitely smart enough. She got her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Bio-Medical Engineering.

Youre very much objectifying women, honestly could make it a drinking game where we all take a drink every time you say “females”. You’re entire message is “i cant get girls.”

We dont need women to stand up to abusers in the industry, we need mariners to stand up to mariners when they see people being creepy. You’re being creepy. I know youre still young, but you shouldnt be looking to date on a ship anyway, its purely Profesional onboard, and that is not gender specific, women shouldnt have to wake up in the morning and worry if theyre going to have to turn down the advances of their coworkers. There were ~19 other people who should have seen what happend to MIDN X, they all failed her. Every woman i know in the industry has faced harassment to some degree, and the scarce goods argument is not a solution, its standing up to objecitying BS like this, which i still am hoping is an april fools joke.

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