The importance of nationality in employement

Hello. I’m a cadet, i studdy in maritime academy of antwerpen(belgium), but i’am not europpean i camed from morocco (north africa) to study in antwerpen because the school have a good reputation. And i’m paying school really expansive and i was wondering if it worth it. The problem is that i’m afraid that after school i’ll be payed like "

low-wages-seamen ". what is the most important for the societies the academy where you came from, or the country where you came from, for the salary ?

Because the school is really expansive, it’s not worth if i’ll be in the future exploited and be “underpayed”…

I’m really sorry for my awful english.

Someone correct me if im wrong…but i believe it will depend on what passport and what country you got your license. If you got your license from belgium, companies should hire you for belgium rates, and if you got ur license from morocco, they will pay you rates in morocco…

My passport is moroccan of course, but my future licence will be belgian…so automaticly i’ll be payed as an europpean not as a moroccan even if i live in morocco (with beligian diplome) ?

Thanks you for your responds

Based on my experience - Passport is utmost important. Try to find a company in BE b4 u graduate.

always thought exmar was a pretty good place to work…some beautiful gas ships

I had a mate from this company. He complained ti much work - for peanuts.
But if u get a chance , it is ok to start there.

Thanks you for your answers. it’s true that exmar is a great company, but like all belgian company they’re going to hire belgian first, after europpean wich is normal. I’m really worried about that, i’am afraid to work hard get my licence, but don’t find a jobs after my studies, because moroccan fleet is ridiculous. Even if i really like this maritime world, i’m seriously thinking of changing orientation, i don’t wanna be disregard all my life, just because i don’t have a western passeport…so guys, based upon your experience you think passeport is that important in employement market in the merchant navy ? even with a good western licence ?