The Health Effects Of Radar

osha has rules that radar must be turned off in dry dock as a health precaution for the workers to prevent cancer,etc. i spoke to several radar instructers and manufactuers,etc. and they all said it ain,t a good idea to stand around in front of the radar. but alot of newer models of radar is less dangerous than the older models for some reason. example = you,re on a quick turn around ship and take the tug on the stern every couple of days and the tugs radar is blasting directly at you. also many navigation locks now require the vessels to completely turn off the radar before entering the lock. at some locks the lock personnel handle the mooring line of a “light boat”, vessel with no barges for that case the worker is right up close to the radar. the lock personnel does this everyday , all day long. after several years it could be a serious health problem. what do you guys think about this subject?

I think the newer S-band radars are pretty safe, but if I were exposed to them all day everyday I would want them off. Especially if you are at the dock. It just looks ridiculous with the radars running tied up at the dock with no one in the wheelhouse.

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many container ships leave it running at the dock. some reo,s say to leave the radar spinning at the dock. it will help prevent moisture from building up in the system. some say to use put it on “stand-by”.
another thought = most ships i sailed on had a sign to put on the radar in the wheel house anytime someone was working aloft near the radar. years ago a radio officer on a lykes lines ship was knocked down and died.

This is a slight pet peeve of mine, so here we go…

I have heard that the health risks are minimal and drop drastically as you step away from the radar, still, to all workboat captain’s out there I ask… If you are alongside my vessel and your radar is at the same height as my head (or worse, a couple feet down) please turn the damn thing off.

It’s not that I don’t believe you when you say that it’s harmless, it’s that I have difficulty concentrating on my job when all I can think of is the future health of my offspring.

Also… I’d rather not have to ask but if I do, can you please spare me the physics/biology lesson over the VHF radio? I don’t much care about anyone’s belief on the health effects unless they have Dr. in front of their name and you’re certainly not going to tell me anything that Google has not already, so you are wasting our time. Plus… half the time I’m not asking because I give a damn, I’m asking because my phone is ringing off the hook from the roustabouts complaining. So please do me the favor and just reach for the switch, there is no great need for it if you are tied up alongside.

Wow- I never even considered the health implications of this. I guess it is radiation though. I used to wonder why the bridge switched off the radar going into locks… I never did ask the old man- too busy tying up the ship:D

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Navy paints red circles around all of the transmit antennae on the weather decks. Different sizes for different freqs/out put power. Anyway these generally are across the various decks and walkways and are stenciled “Danger Do Not Enter”. Of course you never know if the equipment is transmitting or not and you need to get from point A to B… Anyway I have lived to tell the tale however I havent fathered any new children in 18+ years so who knows. Maybe… the welfare office could get some old radar eqpt and focus it at hip level of the doors. Just may save us a few dollars.

Years ago I heard there was a sign at a certain navigation lock. Eventually it seems someone removed the sign. I noticed life expectancy of certain lock workers there seems to be below age 65. 10 years ago I spoke to the radar instructor at “MITAGS”. He told me that when he got his masters degree the title of the paper work that he submitted read something like = “radar effects on humans”. He told me do not stand around in front of radar. Also I spoke to a USCG officer that claimed to have a degree in electrical engineering. same story.

bottom line = don,t do it.

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I know in West Coast ports if the RADAR is spinning while cranes are running the ILWU will call safety stop and shut down cargo.
On deck for docking we have refused to take tug lines until the tugs secured their RADARS. They want to get paid the ship is the customer.
Not for nothing anything that pumps out enough energy to reflect off of something 20 miles away I don’t want to stand in front of.

The jury is still out about EMF causing cancer, but radars are basically like a microwave oven, so there is something not kosher about standing in front of it.

You are probably safe from acute harm outside of the near field (5 wavelengths), but still, I agree with people here, turn the radars to standby unless you need them, and tugs certainly don’t need them for ship assist work. Besides, you are just wasting magnatron hours leaving them spinning at the dock.