The Fleecing of BP?

I took a trip today from Ft Jackson where i found two responder boats to Venice where i saw at least another 6 or more responder boats at anchor.

This does not include the “Whale” that was anchored just above Venice.

I think it’s time to wrap up the clean up in areas where it is not needed and concentrate it where it is needed.

Stop spending the money on boats standing by for thousands of dollars a day and put that money into programs to help the victims of the destroyed fisheries.

However unfortunate the spill, except for the moratorium, has created an uptick in the economy in the Gulf and on the ICW where it was badly needed.

At some point you would think someone from our government would send some of these resources home.

I will close an article i found today to top off what I saw.

National Incident Commander Adm. Thad Allen said that BP is having trouble finding oil to skim.
“We’re starting to have trouble finding oil,” he said at his July 21 daily press briefing. “We’ve had skimmers out there on the wellhead site for a number of days now, as many as 50 a day out there. And what we’re finding is that we’re really having to search for the oil in some cases.”
They’re having so much trouble finding oil that BP reduced the number of oil skimming boats skimming by 600. In a July 21 Associated Press report, Matt Kissinger, BP’s branch director of the Vessels of Opportunity Program, said about 1,600 boats are operating daily off Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, 600 fewer than the previous week. Kissinger said that less oil has been spotted in recent days, so fewer boats are needed to skim for the time being.
Is the lack of oil the result of the containment cap installed on the well a couple of weeks ago, or could it be that most of the remaining oil is suspended below the surface?

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