The death of a once great institution?

I’ve dug around and found the newspaper article I referred to in a comment which has disappeared from this topic. I don’t know why it went. I thought it was on topic and apposite with congratulations for the RNLI for their resuscitation protocol. I said I’d choose them to rescue me any day.

Anyway this article is the best example I’ve ever seen of bureaucracy gone made when a life was at stake. I deplore the current day safety culture with its asphyxiating dogma of myriad rules, red tape, timidity bordering on cowardice, and the effect of lawyers getting their sticky fingers into professional judgement.

Anyway, read it and weep. Let me know what you think.


Snowflakes the lot of them, nobody has the spine anymore to tell the higher ups to go shove it.
They all spend far too much time ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘thinking out of the box’ to look around and see what is actually needed right this minute.
Even the reporter wore waders; why didn’t he just roll his trousers up the big wuss?

When I sailed at Gosport (one of the great historical model yachting venues, along with Fleetwood), I recall there was a set of waders hanging in the clubhouse, which is underneath the nifty little restaurant there. My guess is that a club member offered the use of them to the reporter.




Your post was a revelation to me Tomahawk. I’ve been a Governor of RNLI for years and didn’t know this was going on. If they carry on this way, volunteer lifeboat crews will resign and the RNLI will go down the plughole, along with the proud tradition they have maintained for over a century.

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If you are still a govenor, then you know what to do.

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Political Correctness?

In the UK???

Naw, can’t be.

Now please excuse me while I turn in my kitchen knives and then point me in the direction of the newarest mosque.

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Inshallah matey, inshallah.


That is good.

We in the western world are committing civilizational genocide, just as the left outlined they would impose on us. Control the schools, media and entertainment, you control the minds and culture; control the culture you are able to destroy the civilization. The hardest part is the slow death. if the western world who created virtually everything one sees, hears and the modern world the planet exists in wants to die so be it, we do not deserve to exist, need to hand it to the Chinese who are a bit less offended by pictures of naked females on mugs.