The Continuing NMC Saga

I will forgo the longwinded beginning of my saga as I do not have the Time, Patience nor Mental Fortitude to relive it, so I will pick up with the past year or so into present day. I have a Medical Waiver attached to my License and MMD which requires an “annual cardology consultation” (a vague medical requirement at best!).

Upon the reciept of my 2012 Echo Report (this being my only proof of medical examination other then a Doctors Note) , I recieved a letter stating that it was “recieved, reviewed and approved.” by the NMC Medical Department, along with a letter stating that I was required to continue to provide documentation of an “annual carodology consultation.”.
The next day I recieved a letter stating that my Echo Report was “recieved ect…” and a letter stating that this annual requirement had been rescinded and a complete physical examination was required upon renewal… A phone call to the NMC confirmed that this was in fact the true.

I did have an ECHO at my regular Cardio Practice in January of this year due my Cardologist leaving the Practice and the new one wanting to meet with me for an initial examination considering the length of my file. He said that he saw no need for any testing for 18 months to 2 years, just blood work and see him evey 12 months or so.

In July I recieved a letter from the NMC stating that my License was under review by the Board of Revocation and Suspension for my “Failure to provide proof of an Annual Cardiac Consultation.”.

Upon contacting the NMC, I was informed that the letter stating my annual reporting had been recinded was in fact erroneus, numerous letters of this type had be “inadvertently” mailed and I was in fact Still required to show proof of annual testing. The review by the Revocation Board would be cancelled upon reciept of the testing/consultation report.

Having seen My Cardio Dr. in January and having ECHO results, I had them faxed to the NMC immediatley. The NMC recieved these documents in August. I recieved no further contact from the NMC.

Today I called the NMC to see if they did recieve a report from my Drs. office and was told “yes, last month. It is still under review” and to call back in next week or two to see what the outcome of the review is. I inquired as to why no one ever told me that I NEEDED to follow up on the status, and while I did recieve an aplolgy for not being informed about this before, it was still my responsibility to find out the review status my annual report. I also inquired as to why it would take 4 weeks to review a one page Medical Report, I was informed that they were “Quite Busy”.

Now I understand that NMC needs to go through EVERY Mariners’ paperwork, but after at least 4 years into it, it would seem to me that someone within the Offices of the NMC Medical Review Department should be able to read a One Page Report (with no Medical Changes from the last 3) and send a response in less then a month, especially if the reciept of such a report is of such vital importance of said Mariner to Safely Operate a Vessel.

Thanks fo Reading My Rant My!

I am sorry for your troubles,
But the USCG believe a mariner should read at the very least the basic synopsis of the 2010 USCG changes regarding medical queries,
I have people on-board right now that have similar problems and will not learn the new rules regarding their careers and livelihood.
I also have a member of the crew renewing his credentials for the third time,
and has had his paperwork sent back because it was incomplete.
and now he will will sit on-land for quite a while waiting, because of HIS of lack of hindsight…
he like most, blames others for their mistakes!

Good Luck with the review!