Thanks to Gcap & all the salty keyboards

Some of you may remember me hanging around for a while a year ago mostly pestering all you guys about help getting my MMD after the Navy. Well after 18 months or so of fighting with the CG, Several trips out of state to test and school, and basically memorizing the CFR 12 and MSM, I have finally gotten my QMED with most of the endorsements I need. The next statement is not an exaggeration and me trying to be nice…
Simply put, I could not have done it without you.
All you old salty dogs that take time to help figure out a regulation even if its not pertaining to your specific career really speaks to that “brotherhood” everyone says is gone. I just want to sincerely thank all of you at gcaptain. I wish I could name you all, Shellback, JDCavo, Jeffrox, capt Fran, and tons more of the people that helped and the friends I made here. Now that I know I will actually be spending my life in this industry I plan to stay around gcaptain and actually really missed the site while I was away. Maybe one day in the future when a new mariner asks a question it will mean a little more for me to spend a few extra minutes and try and help him or her out. I truly believe this website is doing a service for the industry, not only on how it brings mariners together, but also in getting new quality people into the industry. There is no doubt that without all your help I would have probably moved on to another industry and I bet that over the years many others could say the same. Well I can be long winded so I’ll leave it there, but I just wanted all of you all to know how much I appreciated the help. Thanks again, Daniel

SailorDaniel -

Your comments are right on the mark about this site. It has helped out a good number of us.

Good luck with your career!

You have no idea how good this forum is, As I work in several industries I can attest that a lot of forums do more to discourage new comers then to encourage them.

I think I have been helped by everyone you mentioned, and of course others. I have people I have never met on this forum get me jobs and I have gotten jobs for people I have never met. Your posts will say a lot about who you are so keep that in mind. I guarantee that for everybody you help, you will be rewarded 10 times over. Best of luck to you