Tell us about your worst day at sea

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Clearly you are unfamiliar with the Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition.

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  • The Ferengi were patterned after 20th century humans :wink:

One of my worst days at sea was when I was doing a relief job on a NOAA vessel between Seattle and San Diego. Seas were maybe 20-30’, not too bad but when I went to the bridge I found a NOAA “officer” looking bad and asking me about the next waypoint. I told him that was not my forte and perhaps he should ask the CO, XO or whoever. He said they were all sea sick and had gone down to the gym because it did not move so much.I went down there and sure enough they were laying around on deck. That was disconcerting for me.
Shortly thereafter I decided doing relief for an amateur organization was not wise. I could find better ways to pay for temporary alimony.


I checked my seaman’s book. I was on board of the Kermia starting in 1957 until 1960. The ten voyages took place somewhere in that period so it is off a couple of years but not a decade.