Taxes in Colombia and Suriname

Our rig is forecasted to be working in Colombia for about 6 months toward the end of the year, and then Suriname after that. We will be working 28/28. We anticipate to be working outside of the US for over a year. Are there any tax benefits for this type of schedule?

Not at all. The schedule doesn’t drive any type of tax benefit unless you are outside the country ~330 days continuously. Where the benefit comes from is if there is a tax liability to the host country and if your employer pays this on your behalf while grossing up your YTD earnings. Your employer will know that. They will know what type of tax regime will be required. In most cases, short-term work is exempt from payroll taxes, depending on the host country, but you are still liable for taxes at home.


More than likely you are exempt from FICA because of the Flag of the MODU, but again your HR should already know that.

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