Tankerman (PIC) going rates

Does anyone know what the going rates are for Tankerman (PIC) with LNG experience? Crowley, Bouchard, McAllister, Kirby, Hornbeck, etc…

Nobody is paying for LNG experience yet.

Ok just checking. I have some experience with LNG…

what are some of the better companies to work for as far as pay, benefits, etc…?

Not on tug/barges…the older (50+) year old guys with a few decades of ship LNG cargo experience are making serious cash shoreside though.

Bouchard AB/T $355.00 a day +$45.00 travel pay, Vessels under 75,000 Bbls
Bouchard AB/T $385.00 a day +$45.00 travel pay, Vessels over 75,000 Bbls

Is Bouchard easy to get on with

If you have an AB, Passport and your BST, Tankerman PIC (DL) [U]document[/U],
it will be somewhat easy to get hired, depending on the crewing managers needs at the time you call.
be prepared for summertime layoffs due to scheduled shipyard repairs,
and general layoffs in the summertime when the need for oil tapers off.

“one man watch” for the weekend!, be back on Monday!, will be words that you will dread!, especially when you live in Texas!


How much is the fee to get my Tank barge DL PIC with the coast guard.I already have the discharges and certificate ,just want to now how much ISUPPOSE to submit with the application?..and also if possible let me know the TOAR fee?
thank you in advance