Tanker Sola and Norwegian navy frigate Helga Ingstad collide off Norway


So we have a warship running with AIS off. Probably with no deck lights on, designed with a low radar signature and presenting only an overtaking light to the bridge staff of the tanker. Now what could that be?
If a warship is navigating in highly trafficked areas it up to them as a highly manoeuvrable unit to keep clear of other traffic if they keep in a semi-stealth condition. Otherwise turn your lights and AIS ON.
During the Indonesian confrontation we patrolled the Singapore Strait fully darkened at often high speed but we had nine lookouts posted and full radar watch. We were acutely aware that it was our responsibility to avoid all other traffic.
Exiting the container terminal at Singapore I always left the passage lights on particularly when heading across the lanes to get into the Eastbound lane. The lights didn’t interfere with night vision and gave an immediate indication of my aspect and overall length to other shipping.


Yea, all those picture must be defying reality. How do you actually define a bit? In inches?


This is Norway where there are deep water close to shore and steep drops, like here.
Hence they are now driving bolts into the rocks to attach wires to hold her from slipping down the slope into 30+ meters of water.

BTW; Suitable sand bars and muddy shoreline to beach on is in short supply in that area.


As you can see she is not leaning on rocks above water, as you could get the impression of from the early videos and pictures.


I like how the Ajax first helps push the Sola off before heading back to port, then immediately heads out to help push the Helge Ingstad onto the shore once the mayday call goes out. No holding of asses there…

The poor reporting is by no means confined to Norwegian media. Marine accident reporting in general is pretty cringe worthy, and I’ve seen far more grievous examples. I immediately think of the tour boat that recently went down with a bunch of fatalities in a squall, and how all the media outlets were falling over themselves with blaming the skipper for not avoiding it even though he had radar…


If they can save her, where is the closest shipyard with a dry-dock big enough?


Given what I’ve seen of the damage, I’d be very surprised to hear that they can re-establish watertight integrity on site. She’ll probably have to be lifted where she lies. One would think that there is a floating dock or two in Bergen that could handle the job…

The engineering spaces look to be flooded, and it is generally a terrible mess. What with the history of these boats, I bet she’ll get scrapped for parts.


The Blue Marlin IMO: 9186338 is currently anchored @ SCHEVENINGEN ANCH (Anchorage)



Norway has evacuated all 137 crew from one of its warships after it collided in a fjord with a Maltese oil tanker.



The gCaptain Link



And here is a picture of the tanker to match the damages:


There are at least a couple of Crane vessels (SSCV) that can lift this one with ease, but I’m not sure if there are any available on short notice, or if they are all occupied outside Northern Europe at the moment.

Even more HLV and barges that could carry the wreck to a shipyard anywhere in the world once she is lifted, or re-floated by other means. (Blue Marlin is just one of them)

PS> Just checked. Saipem 7000 is in Botlek and have been there for a couple of months.
Thialf is off USEC, heading to Spain. Balder is still working in GoM.


The Mighty Servant 1 is underway in the Red Sea / Gulf of Aden as of 48 hours ago so she is out.

The Black Marlin is underway in Japan - East China Sea as of 24 hours ago - so she is out also.


The days of Boka (formerly Dockwise) monopoly is long gone. There are a number of ships that can carry this one. OHT have 5 of them with Norwegian flag. BOA, another Norwegian company, have some very large barges.(Not that that will make any difference in a competitive bidding contest)


The ship was Built in Spain at Navantia @ Ferrol

Some more specs below about the construction and commissioning.





Might just be where crew were getting out…


What the heck is going on?!!!
The gods of seafearing nations… in a brand new fast mover?..
Run over by a tanker with a tug in tow?..
Dogs and cats… living together…
“Ummm… scuse me sirs… about that bloody great big tanker creeping towards us… it’s excessively awkward to mention it again’ but…shouldn’t we like…Move or something.”

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Wow, this just got a whole lot better:


Too Long; Don’t Read Norwegian: Both the captain and pilot of the Sola made visual contact with the Helge Ingstad and informed by VHF that they were on a collision course. The Helge Ingstad responded with “We’ve got it under control”. VTS independently spotted the developing situation and hailed them as well.

I really really really hope they publish the BVR…