Helge Ingstad trial starts

The Norwegian Navy is not throwing the accused Watch Commander (OOW) under a bus.
From Norwegian “TV2 News” yesterday:

The Ingstad watch commander still works on a frigate: - A very capable officer

The trial starts on Monday after one of the most expensive accidents in Norwegian history. The head of the Norwegian Navy says they are keen to take care of the 33-year-old, who is the only defendant in the case.

Article in Norwegian: Ingstad-vaktsjefen jobber fortsatt på fregatt: - En meget dyktig offiser

From NRK.no today:

Defendant in the Helge Ingstad case on inspection: - Good to have support from colleagues

The court dealing with the Helge Ingstad case got to see what it’s like on board a frigate on Tuesday. The defendant says he received good support from his colleagues there:

SHOWN THE BRIDGE: Christoffer Brekke, who is the watch commander at KNM “Roald Amundsen”, explains to the court about routines on the bridge of a frigate. The court is on Tuesday inspecting the frigate, which is docked at Haakonsvern in Bergen. The defendant was on board, but is not in the picture. PHOTO: GEIR OLSEN / NTB / POOL / NTB

THE COURT: Ship commander Lars Larsson (left) and watch commander Christoffer Brekke on KNM “Roald Amundsen”, explain to the court about routines on the bridge of a frigate. District court judge Kristin Farstad in the center on the right. PHOTO: GEIR OLSEN / POOL / NTB


Yes, I remember this case. Plenty people on the HI bridge were watching, while the foc’sle of the tanker ripped open the HI deck house/superstructure side above main deck. Then a fracture in the side shell aft developed below waterline and one watertight compartment was flooded. The “watertight” doors in the bulkheads were open and nobody closed them, so multiple compartments forward were flooded and the ship lost stability and grounded … and partly sank … CTL. The incident could have been prevented by closing all watertight doors in the hull of Norwegian warships at sea, at least in congested waters. Or much better - do not fit any doors in hull bulkheads at all - and use ladders up/down to the main deck to move from one hull compartment to another. It keeps you in shape.

A video of the collision has appeared on online

Interesting comments on that page, one saying that the incidence create misogyny because all the officers on the Helge Ingstad bridge were female. I hadn’t heard that before, the identities of the people involved have not been revealed.

They were not, but a female American officer was under training as future Watch Commander. She was training on “sailing on sight only” while under supervision by the (male) Watch Commander that is now the accused in the ongoing court case.

PS> There were some other females on the bridge, as well as males (They will all be called as witnesses)

I found a list of those on the bridge at the time in a report about yesterdays hearing:

The DO under training witnessed by video link from San Diego:

Source: «Helge Ingstad»-rettssaka: Amerikansk offiser gjekk i sjokk og måtte fjernast frå brua – NRK Vestland

Today the Commander on H.I. at the time has been the main witness. (Reverting)

PS> Hjeltefjorden is among the longest stretches on one course along the entire inshore route from Stavanger to North Cape. It is protected, relatively wide and deep with no obstructions.


The court case against the watch commander on Helge Ingstad has been completed.
On Wednesday, the prosecution held its proceedings in the extensive trial after the frigate KNM “Helge Ingstad” collided with the oil tanker “Sola TS” outside Stureterminalen in Hjeltefjorden on 8 November 2018:

The defense held their closing argument today:

Defense demands a full acquittal of the warden at "Helge Ingstad.

So a “vaktsjef” - was sentenced while the commanding officer and his second got free. ROTFL!

More detailed report at NRK.no (In Norwegian):

Chief of the Norwegian Navy does not agree with the conclusion that on ONE person was responsible for the accident:

Source: Sjøforsvarssjefen mener at systemfeil gjorde at «Helge Ingstad»-vaktsjefen gjorde feil – NRK Vestland

Statement by the Commander on board Helge Ingstad at the time:

Source: “Helge Ingstad” trial: “Everything that happens on the boat is my responsibility,” says Preben Ottesen, commander of the ship – NRK Vestland

Note: Both the Duty Officer and the Commander are still serving in the Navy:

Source: Navy chief on convicted watch commander: – Will be able to continue his service - TV 2

Strange all this…
Is this a sentence by a normal civilian court, a military court or some sea accident court?

It is a civilian court:

Source: District Court – Store norske leksikon (snl.no)

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