Tanker Sola and Norwegian navy frigate Helga Ingstad collide off Norway


My experience was with RN and RNZN.
The helmsman was in the wheelhouse which was one deck and in one case 4 decks below the bridge.
The bridge was manned by the OOW (Sub lieutenant or Lieutenant).
A frigate may or may not have had a Second OOW on transit.
Bosun’s mate who functioned as a messenger. Usually an ordinary seaman.
A signalman of junior rate
A lookout on each wing and astern.
In the combat information room a leading radar plot rating and two juniors.
The OOW did his own navigaton and checked what recommendations he received from the radar plot ratings with his own observations.
There was no she.
The telegraphsmen in the wheelhouse rotated with the lookouts every hour.


I’m reminded that on my father’s ship, the helmsman rating was in an armored wheelhouse, whilst the officers on the bridge were fully protected by an overhead awning.


Not a good time for the Norwegian Navy. One of their vessels that had been involved in the salvage operation at Sture was on her way back to base when she was hit on her Port side by a small skiff with two persons on board at 20 kts. Nobody got seriously hurt. The two prsons + their skiff got lifted on board the KNM Olav Trygvason and taken to Aagotnes Base CCB:

The KNM Olav Trygvason is actually civilian owned and operated partly by civilians, normally in the Coast Guard:

Lots of activity in Hjeltefjorden today.


To my knowledge it was Cousins (3rd Mate) and Kagan (Helmsman) that were on watch aboard the Exxon Valdez. Who is the nonexistent third person you are saying was on watch there? Hazelwood (Captain) was off the bridge 10 minutes when the accident occurred, not asleep.


Been there done that and a T shirt comes up short unless buried under about six layers of clothing in high latitudes. I avoided being shot at in a Loch class frigate but well remember trying to keep the chart dry when plotting a fix in sodden oilskins.


Dad had #82. At age 19 he was the youngest skipper in the US Navy. Kamikaze and burning destroyers off Okinawa…


Hmmm, LCS… was this the original Littoral Combat Ship?


Female AB was lookout and was in the wheelhouse and on bridge wings calling lights for Cousins.


Thanks, I initially could only find info on the aforementioned two. I was mistaken.


Landing Craft, Support (Large) – aka the Mighty Midget, the most heavily armed ship size for size in the Navy. ~160x24x6 ft. Multiple 20 mm and 40 mm mounts; plus either 3"/50 or twin 40 mm forward. Fixed-angle launching racks for ripple-firing a ridiculous number of solid rockets for beach assault. Firefighting manifold and monitor forward. Single 1500 pound Danforth with wire rode aft for hauling off the beach and all other anchoring purposes (Dad said riding to that wire rode was very unpleasant). Eight GM ?6-71? engines on two shafts, individual clutches. Max 16 kt, cruise at 12. 5,500 mile range @12 kt.

One item neglected according to Dad was small-calibre stuff that could depress below horizontal. As soon as the suicide boats started coming out the LCSs sprouted ad hoc .50 cal installations.

The present LCS should hang its head in shame.


7 = 6 Norwegians + 1 American


I was told by an old hand why we were issued with duffel coats on the open bridge of my destroyer. He explained that the duffel coat as opposed to the oilskins, didn’t drip on the chart at least to the same extent. It sorta worked.


Normally it rains outside Bergen all the time BUT … it didn’t rain … so the women and men on the HI bridge maybe got confused. When will the KNM publish details of the party on KNM Helge Ingstad?


We had duffel coats as well. They were OK when it was snowing.




The Norwegian Transport Accident Investigation Commission will issue a preliminary report tomorrow, Thursday 29. Nov.:

Norwegian tabloid VG has published an animation of what happened, seen from several different angles:

The accuracy is not guaranteed.


Winter storm is stopping the salvage, securing and fuel removal operation of HI:


Look at who said there were three… the answer must be:



There is no urgency at all to remove KNM Helge Ingstad from its present location, thus the removal is best done in the spring after proper procure procedures, etc. In the meantime responsible parties should publish videos of the underwater inspections by divers of the wreck’s hull.


I agree but only if they remove the fuel already now. These wrecks have a way of leaking over time.