Tanker Mate with C/M License Looking to Transition to MMP

Looking to switch from a non-union tanker company to MMP. Upward mobility is limited where I am now, and would like to get time on the chief mate license.

I’ve talked to a few buddies who ship out of the hall and they say there’s always chief mate relief jobs on the board. How likely is it that an applicant would be able to pick up those jobs? Looking for any insights from people in MMP, especially anyone who ships out of the Wilmington hall, thanks.

Wilmington hall? I’m not familiar with that one.

Are you looking to get tanker work or transition to dry cargo? Tanker wise, I believe we still have a couple contracts left but don’t remember the exact details. If you are looking to jump over to dry cargo or ro-ro I would suggest doing at least one relief job as a junior officer. You may have a lot of experience at sea and fit in perfectly well as Chief Mate but If it’s upward mobility you are looking for, it would be best to have your head fully wrapped around the differences in operations before bumping up. Otherwise your first imression may not be so great and word gets around.

But yes. Chief Mates are always in demand. It’s a brutal job that chews people up no matter what sector of the industry you aren’t in.

You should make the jump. MMP does have a couple of tankers, one pays better than the other, but both are always looking for good mates. Do your time on those and take all the classes you can so if and when you want to make the transition to something else, it’s easier. Try to night mate when you can, and like the DamnYankee says if you take a box boat or ro-ro, it will make it far easier for you to run a trip at a lower rating, to learn policies and procedures onboard.

Long Beach hall*

Thanks for the info. Ideally I’d like to transition to dry cargo and, like you said, do a relief job or two as a junior officer. But I’ve heard those junior officer jobs are fewer and farther between. I’ll be putting in my application when I get home this time.

I’m convinced!

I didn’t realize there were more classes to take though. What are they?