Taking over Bulk Carrier From Chinese Yard Delivery

I would be joining as 3rd mate on a Yard Delivery Cape Size Bulk Carrier Vessel from China.
Would like to know what things one should keep in mind while joining a Yard Delivery Vessel.

Don’t expect everything to work!

“made in china”…the challenge will be in keeping “things” working…no problem…just take it back to wal-mart!!

Right on seadawg . . . I have had lots of assignments the past few years on Chinese new-builds and most of them were a mess. The “best” story I have is a 486’ general cargo carrier that turned on their fresh water window wash system and discovered that it wasn’t connected when their GMDSS console was flooded by a deluge from the overhead.

“No problem Mistah Pi’ot, no problem.”

watch out for chinese-english - I was reading a placard for a control for a “bulkhead mounted colock” - it was a danish ship, though colock was some danish word - I look on bulkhead, colock = CLOCK. it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Even better . . . crew kept getting “loose stools” while crossing from the yard to Europe. In Europe, they drained the potable tank to sanitize it and lo and behold, there lay some yard birds dirty lunch dishes and leftovers (well softened!)