Taking advantage of your time off

As we all know, in this particular industry many of us stay off our vessels for weeks at a time. I always like to get with my fellow crew members and see what kind of ideas are floating around for ways to take advantage of our time off and earn a little extra cash. So I figured I would pose the same question to a larger community here to see what kind of feedback it could provide. I have heard everything from harvesting pine trees, owning vending machines, running as a hot shot driver, to owning cattle. What is it, if anything, you do to bring home a little extra money when you are off of your vessels?

There’s some good information for you on another thread from a few days ago. Many ideas discussed.

By using the search term “extra money”, I found that thread you referred to. That is actually where the idea came to make this thread. You are right there are some good ideas there, ATM machines never would have crossed my mind.

I’ve always delivered little boats, helped it with a sea kayaking company I used to work at, and worked on smaller commercial boats doing day work. I’ve just started a maritime photography venture and am working to expand that.

I have a friend who makes bullet casing jewelry in his spare time on the boat. Such as earrings and pins. He also has a business where he buys bulk brass shell casings at the scrap yard, cleans and sorts the shells, then turns around and sells the brass to gun shops for people who reload.

I do boating lessons & help out the local Towboat US on my time off. That $$ pays for other fun things like hunt club dues, fishing boat stuff.

The boating lessons are always good rum money

I like it when I give lessons and they pay me, dine me, and give me a bottle to take home. The last two summers I’ve done pretty well. Hopefully it will continue next year.

I try to work over for others to make extra cash. One extra day on the boat (pre tax) is the same as mowing about 10 yards, a week plus of doing dinner boat cruises, etc etc plus I have no investment in any equipment. Working equal time, what’s a day here and there. Also I would much rather get hurt moonlighting for my employer than at home doing odd jobs.

I have established my self rather quite well in the Alaska and WA fishing industry. I’m basically a fill in for multiple fisheries on multiple boats. Ill simple fly up for the openers if needed or if someone is in a pinch. Really fast money if you will. Seine troll and gill net. It started as just way to make some cash in off time has since grown to an full blown addiction. Love the highs and lows. Keeps me in shape as well.

I think that people need choose a hobby job that is a hobby or fun or you will get burned out. And remember you have to always be able to say NO.

Yeah, i occasionally go gillneting, lobstering and a lot of tuna-Ing out here, usually only a net trip when the fishing is hot and the price is up there. Usually a miserable 36-48 hour ordeal but if I’m going, it’s worth it. Giant bluefin tuna fishing is just something unto itself as far as highs and lows go. I like being offshore on a small boat sometimes in crap weather, it keeps my skills sharp I think. Also reminds me what the “small guy” is going through when I steam by with a barge.

I’m thinking of having my programming buddy help me build a website and try to make some ends through ads and commissions

Oh yeah for sure. Just got off horn with one my buddies seining in SE. Just had a 250000lb day! I believe a $14000 crew share day. I should keep quit though we’re just dumb fishermen who don’t make any money right! Haha love that one. I just eat at the galley let them talk.

my family owns a meat market and I work there in time off. nice to have some cash to play with. plus it’s a trade that I’ve learned and kept for my whole life so its something else to keep in my back pocket.

I have a tractor service on the side.post holes, grading, Bush hogging.

[QUOTE=jmad;117809]Oh yeah for sure. Just got off horn with one my buddies seining in SE. Just had a 250000lb day! I believe a $14000 crew share day. I should keep quit though we’re just dumb fishermen who don’t make any money right! Haha love that one. I just eat at the galley let them talk.[/QUOTE]

What is this crew share day you speak of? Is that 14k split among the entire crew or 14k for each crew? Either way, sounds sweet.

And here I’m thinking my $180/day is the cat’s meow.

I’d say its each.

$18-20 a pound on a slob tuna or two @300-900 pounds adds up quick. Otherwise We do a few grand each on a solid 2 day monkfish trip if the markets right and the fishing is good…

Quick cash when it’s good but you’re talking a long ways from home on a small boat, sometimes miserable conditions, marathon work, and the risk of not making a dime if you don’t hit it right. The steady tugboat paycheck is what prefer.

Yeah that was just his share. I believe he is somewhere between 10-12% been on that boat a while. Like Z drive said I like my steady tug boating job. I work 70/70 off. If I can hit a season I do it. I have never had a 14k day. But have had my share of 5-10k days. It could be a bust but not really with me cause I have a another job. When they say fish 2-3 months (average) and make 50k it’s a bust. Disappointment. Not for me.