Swine Flu Vaccinations

Something to think about if you are going to be offshore:

Currently there is a shortage of vaccine. Who is first in line:

Pregnant women; the young, ages 6 months through 24 years; people younger than 64 who have conditions such as asthma or diabetes that increase the risk of complications from flu; health workers and caregivers of newborns.

So what about mariners? I will be working on a passenger ship that will spend about three weeks doing an Atlantic crossing. Hate to get a potentially deadly swine flu a thousand mile from shore.

I got my regular flu shot today at a Walgreens in Florida. The guy who gave me the shot said that he would not withhold the vaccine from me do do my circumstance. Too bad they don’t have the vaccine yet.

You’re much more likely to die in your automobile going to work than you are getting H1N1. Have you had all your hepatitis vaccines along with your typhoid? Either of them will kill or disable you pretty quickly.

Go to work, if there is a real threat your employer will find the vaccine somewhere, he/she has a business to run and needs healthy people to do it.

I’m not saying that I won’t go to work. I intend to get the vaccine before being exposed to a boatload of passengers from all over the world - all of which will have travelled a great distance by airplane.

I’m just saying that people should figure out how to get an “early” vaccination if they are in going to be at sea, in a high risk group, such as those working far from medical care.

Of course. As in everything take all necessary precautions. This new flu is insidious and seems to attack younger folks. I read something today that said those born before 1957 may have an immunity of sorts. I qualify, in spades, it appears that becoming an old fart has at least one advantage.
Things are better now, when I was in elementary school we were still trying out the polio vaccine to see which would work.

the vaccine will be mandatory where I work but we don’t have it yet. I took the regular flu shot a couple weeks back. They say its not possible but it seemed to make me a little bit sick. I really think an individual(adult) should be able to decide if he wants it or not. I was born in '57. does that make me too young for Mr. Teninger’s natural immunity club? :o