Swede wire?

Anybody know how to splice swede wire?

On the west coast we call it “Swede wire” every where else it is called “Spring Lay wire”. The wire is of 6 strand construction. You splice it with a Liverpool splice, with the last tuck over one and under two to lock it.

This has been about 30 years since I learned this. What I recall is you treat it as a normal wire, and splice it with the wire strands around the wire strands and the rope strands around the rope. The core is cut and burried. and I dont recall seeing a manual for this, We just ‘wung it’

ROGER! Thanx for the info guys I’ll giv’er a shot!

I’ve watched lots of wire and line splicing videos on Youtube. (yes, my life is that sad)

It be a liverpool eye splice also be lock with this order strand 6 then strand 2 then strand 4 and be around one strand and under 2 strands